Aleksandar Zafirovski

Aleksandar Zafirovski captures the beauty of landscapes in their purest form, untouched and untainted. The interplay of a harmonious blend of light, movement, and a sense of mystery evokes profound emotions and feelings of recollection.
Zafirovski’s artworks showcase a captivating bonding of traditional classical painting values and a contemporary visual language. This unique symbiosis skillfully combines elements like suggestion and abstraction at the same instant.
Zafirovski is recognized as a great master of texture that emerges organically during the creative process, adding depth and character to the work. His paintings play with interplays of light and shadow, featuring delicate brushwork and subtle movement.
The central theme is the meadow – an ever-evolving landscape that the artist constructs, manipulates, and inhabits with each stroke of color. He wakes up in it and falls asleep on every painted and drawn herb. Imbued with personal significance, this idyllic meadow symbolizes inner peace and tranquility as one immerses in it.
Aleksandar obtained a master’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. His works are exhibited in Mirena Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, Mirena Art Gallery, Downtown Dubai, Gallery Zest, Stockholm, Gallery Lefakis, Athens, Pioneri Art Platform, Skopje and Bukefal Gallery in Ohrid.
His work is included in several public and private collections.